Exercises & Videos

Puzzle Piece Exercise
Great for medium-large groups

Experiential Dislocation
Perfect for getting the conversations rolling

Race & the Media
Images included

Encouraging Student Involvement
from our #AskDrB series

What is Privilege?
Excellent video for teaching about privilege

Privilege Video
Another video on privilege – this one by BuzzFeed

If Black People Said What White People Said
Humor always helps! 

Black People, Black Culture
A 16-year-old schooling us all! 

Is it ok to use the word “racist?”
From our #AskDrB series

What Else Isn’t True?
based on a chapter from my latest book

The essence of the text in 6 short minutes!

The Messiah is Among You
How personal transformation leads to social transformation

Books & Movies

Introduction to Reconciliation
The book list for my class

Must Reads for Reconcilers
If I had to narrow it down, I’ve got 4 books, 1 article and 1 exercise for you!

Ten Movies for Reconcilers
These are my top picks, though certainly not an exhaustive list!

3 Reasons to Watch The Great Debaters
Besides Denzel Washington!