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I preached yesterday morning at my church here in Seattle.  The title of my sermon was Being Among the Kingdom and I gave it twice.  Once at our 9am service and again at the 11am service.  I always enjoy it but let me tell you, it takes some energy to preach!   Anyway, I thought I would share the sermon here for the rest of you.  I would love to hear what you think.


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  • Danny Lopez

    Hello Dr. Brenda, The message is wonderful !! I am so encouraged to continue to preach and teach the Kingdom of God is at hand. While I sat to hear this meesage that phrase “The day of the singel Superstar is over” shot through my spirit. I saw a large group of people moving in one accord acorss the city touching people with the power of God. It was a visual theme as I sat and heard you preach this word. I wrote the phase on my phone to remind me to continue to make disciples with passon because I have a further understanding that the Kingdom of God is at hand and expressed in a unifed group of people of all nations to a lost world. Amen.