by Dr. Brenda 
*All sermons, unless otherwise noted, preached @ Quest Church

On Mission: Holy Spirit
February 2016

Finish Line Faith
November 2015

Journey to Reconciliation
October 2015

Jonah: Running up Against God
July 2015

Gentle Strength
June 2015

Love Away Fear
May 2015

I Thirst
Good Friday, 2015

The Power of Weakness
March 2015

What’s Love Got to Do With It?
February 2015

Advent: Waiting for What?
December 2014

Being Among the Kingdom
November 2014

Kingdom People
November 2014

James 5: Operation P.U.S.H
September 2014

James 2: Faith + Works = LIFE
August 2014

James 2: The Wealth of the Poor
August 2014

Treasure: Can I Afford to Follow God?
July 2014

Baptism: Just Add Water
June 2014