In 2010 my husband, Derek and I went to South Africa to attend the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization. Derek was a part of the Business Leaders Track and had the opportunity to meet wealthy business owners from around the world. Later he shared with me that he was troubled by the number of business people who felt like they had very few options for developing their Christian discipleship in the local church. Most of them felt like the only opportunities offered to them in the life of the church was as the chairperson of the finance committee or to spearhead a building fund campaign. This has got to stop, and Roy Goble shows us how to pursue a better, more life-giving way for everyone in his new book, Junkyard Wisdom. People with financial means don’t want to be made to feel guilty for their success, nor do they want to be treated like a human ATM machine! Roy Goble finally addresses this “elephant in the room” in a way that is honest and transparent as he wrestles with the complexity and the questions that he has faced on his own journey. This thought-provoking and well-written book takes us around the world to the various places where the author experienced true personal and spiritual transformation as a Christian businessman. As a result, Roy Goble helps us to redefine wealth and poverty, understanding that we are all needy, and poverty is not just the lack of cash. In so doing, Junkyard Wisdom offers all of us a new way forward that is consistent with the values of the Kingdom of God and creates life-giving relationships so all people can flourish. I can’t say enough good things about this author and this book!