I decided to make the latest installment of #AskDrB into a video.  Here’s our latest question, from Marty Martin David (but you can call me ‘Dave’) Gardinier from San Diego, CA…

Dave had a mentor who encouraged him not to use the term “racist” and this was his question:

“When we see very real racism all around us, are we not allowed to call it as such because the word “racist” is such a deeply charged term?  When we encounter persons who make very prejudiced statements, how do we approach them while leaving the door open for dialog and problem-solving?”

GREAT question!  Here’s my take…



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Thanks to Nate for putting this video together!
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  • I just watched your video and I wanted to let you know that your words moved me to tears. I’m the Social Media Manager for GeekGirlCon and I’ve put it on our twitter feed for tomorrow. Thank you for such eloquent and heartfelt advice. The next time I deal with microaggressions or passive aggressive racism, I will endeavour to remember your words and practice them.

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