Well, now I’ve done it.  For the first time in my life, I am publicly endorsing a candidate.  I’m scared but I think I have to speak up this year and tell you who I’m voting for and why.  

I’m voting for Hillary, no question.   



Not a “lesser of two evils” vote

I’m not voting for Hillary just because she’s running against Trump.  And I’m not voting for her simply because she’s a woman.  I’m voting for Hillary because she is a great candidate.  Is she a perfect candidate?  No.  Does she embrace everything I stand for?  No.  Does she think or speak or act exactly as I would?  No.  But she is still a strong candidate for President of the United States and here is why…

1. Gun Violence

Hillary is sincerely concerned about gun violence and most of you already know where I stand on this issue.  We must improve our gun control laws.  Her platform includes plans to close loopholes, double down on background checks before buying guns, and enact commonsense gun laws.   Not only that, but her running mate, Tim Kaine represents the state of Virginia.  He knows first-hand the pain caused by gun violence and I do as well.  I trust them both to work hard on this issue.

2. Equality

Hillary is a candidate that embraces diversity of all kinds.  She’s not afraid of people who are different from her.  She isn’t afraid of immigrants, people with disabilities, Muslims or people of color.  She knows that our diversity is what makes our nation strong.  She is willing to fight for immigration reform and health care and other laws that will ensure the dignity and worth of all people. I applaud that.

3. Worth of Women

Seeing a Black man become President of the United States of America was a victory for all of us in this country.  Can you imagine what this felt like for me as I thought of my son, still a teenager in 2008, and dreamed of all the ways this election would impact his life.  It was thrilling for me as a mother to a Black son.  But it wasn’t just that Obama was Black.  It was that he believed in the dignity of life for all people, regardless of race, gender, religion or sexuality.   I also have a daughter.  And like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton affirms the worth of women and advocates on their behalf.  This is so important to me.  I want my daughter to have her life valued the same way that my son’s life is valued.  Male or female, the candidate who does that has my vote.

Is this a comprehensive list?  Hardly!  I know that!  But listen: these are the top three things that come to mind for me when I am considering candidates.  To live the life of a reconciler means that I am looking to see which candidate is serious about repairing broken systems together so that all people can thrive.  Despite her flaws and imperfections, Hillary is that candidate this time.



But wait!  What about abortion?


I knew that question was coming.  And I understand that there are those of you who simply cannot vote for someone who does not hold a “political pro-life” position.  Here’s the thing: that term does not mean what we think it means.  We must expand our understanding of what it means to be pro-life.

Pro-life means that we care about babies in utero, absolutely.  

But pro-life also means that we care about the conditions that impact those babies after they are born.  Conditions like poverty, violence, unemployment and racial injustice, among others.

Pro-life means that we care about the children drinking lead in Michigan.

Pro-life means that we care about the fact that there are children who cannot envision living past the age of 15 so they choose to end their lives and sometimes the lives of others along the way.

Pro-life means that we care about war and refugees.

Pro-life means that we care about the immigrants in our country.

Pro-life means that we care about Muslims.

Pro-life means so much more than we think it means.  It encompasses so much more than abortion.  Did you know that the number of abortions performed in this country peaked under President Bush, Sr?  And under the Bill Clinton administration those abortion rates decreased dramatically.  Under Clinton!  A pro-choice President!   The decline in abortions stagnated under President Bush, Jr.   And have since started to fall again under President Obama and as of 2011, are at their lowest since 1973.  

How could this be?  How could the numbers be low under the pro-choice Presidents and higher under the pro-life Presidents?  It doesn’t make any sense!  I believe it is because our pro-life Presidents do not actually embrace the totality of what it means to be pro-life and without being pro-life in all areas, there is no hope of affecting the abortion rates.  

So if we want the abortion rates to go down, we should vote for a candidate who values life at all stages and ages and has policies that promote life for each and every one of us.



Still on the fence?

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  • Sandy Kazim

    While I agree with all of your points and applaud your willingness to take this kind of stance, I think we need to be careful about quoting statistics for abortion rates, as in the past five years the advent of the morning after pill has skewed the numbers of women who seek medical care once they learn they are dealing with an unwanted pregnancy. The morning after pill can be obtained without a prescription.

  • horatiosocks

    Wow! NOT a Trump supporter, but I find your ‘reconciliation’ platform to be quite lacking with a horribly inadequate understanding of biblical teaching. Outside of the first paragraph conditions, NONE are remotely connected to each other. Babies are connected to opening legs and unzipped flies to be very precise, but there are many poor people in this country and others who are not having babies.

    The bible is clear on sex and with whom it shall be consummated with. The bible is clear on how we’re to treat others and pretty clear on how that should be done as well. Here are a few rebuttals to your points.

    – Flint water is not about sex. It’s about lots of things, but not that.

    – Dying at the age of in Africa has to do HOW with SEX in America? It doesn’t, so it’s a red herring

    – I’m about war and refugee’s, however, that’s a war policy issue, NOT about SEX in America. Red Herring

    – Illegal Immigrants – I care about immigration but a) it has NOTHING to do with SEX in America and b) has to do with LEGAL issues inside this country. Maybe there’s another pet breaking of the law you don’t want on the books too! How about we allow all pedophiles out of prison and not alert anyone? Herrings

    – Care about Muslims? Where do you get this idea? Sex and Muslims? Red Herrings!

    Yes, being pro-life is much more than you think. Being pro-life is first and foremost about babies in the womb made by men and women who have a difficult time putting on a condom or better yet, abstaining from sex with each other unless they’re ready, willing and ABLE to provide for the child. It has to do with many things that are may or may NOT be connected to the second bullet point but only as byproducts and not determiners of abortion!

    The other items are nothing but red herrings.