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Roadmap to Reconciliation


The Roadmap to Reconciliation Essay Contest! My book is due to come out in just three short months and I am getting more and more excited by the minute!   I’ve written other books but this one is different for me.  Reconciliation has been at the center of my entire adult life.  It’s my passion,


The Katrina Decade

Katrina Washed Away New Orleans’s Black Middle Class . This is a longer read but it’s really insightful.  Can you believe it’s been ten years already since Hurricane Katrina?  WOW.  Check out this article by BEN CASSELMAN if you’ve got the time. .But it isn’t just that there are fewer black New Orleanians; their place in the


Jonah Animation

Running Up Against God Check out this amazing video made by my audio/visual guru, Nate!  He put this animation together after my Jonah sermon a few weeks back.   He really captures the essence of the text — check it out!   ………………………………. Want to see more of Nate’s work? These make great teaching tools!



August 28, 2015 Every Friday I post 5 things from around the web that I think are worth reading/seeing/thinking about.   Some leave me dismayed, discouraged, overwhelmed.  Others make me want to stand up and cheer.   What do you think of my picks this week?  Anything you would add? 1 All Lives Matter – Words of



August 27, 2015 Thursday is our day for #PrayingTogether. Let’s pray together for justice! Let’s pray together for peace! Let’s pray together for reconciliation in our country and around the world. To help us, I’ll post a prayer each week that we can pray together throughout the day, wherever we each happen to be. Matthew