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By Women, About Women, For Women

You know how sometimes you read a book and it just moves you?  It’s powerful and mesmerizing and you just get all carried away with the characters and the narrative and the writing?    Well, this is a list of books that did that for me.  Books that took me someplace.   Books that stirred my soul and changed

Multiracial family

Conference this Weekend!

I’m heading to Cali! This weekend I’m the keynote speaker at a conference for the American Association of Christian Counselors in San Diego, CA.  I’m really excited for the opportunity to speak to this amazing group of marriage & family counselors. Some of you might wonder, though, what’s racial reconciliation and gender equality got to do with

gun control

Gun Control and the Church

 On June 5th, 2014, I was personally impacted by gun violence.  For some time, I have felt a growing sense that I need to do something about this senseless killing of innocent life.  Kids in school, Paul Lee, people at a movie theater, 82 gun shootings over 84 hours in Chicago.  I am compelled to

Open Door

Avoiding the Open Door Policy Pitfall

Article by Chad Brennan After serving in urban campus ministry for nine years, Chad and his wife, Laurie, launched ReNew Partnerships in 2005 to help build greater ethnic unity and cross-cultural competency in the Body of Christ.  “As a reconciliation leader I have to admit that there are challenges to becoming a multicultural church. Ask any