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December 18th I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m feeling particularly weary this week.  Oversaturated.  Tired.  It might just be the intensity of finals week and submitting grades.  Or maybe it’s the fatigue that comes with fighting a long, uphill, exhausting battle.  Whatever it is, I just don’t have it in me this week


#ProtestProfiles — Day 4

Have you seen all of the #Protest Profiles this week? If you want to catch up, here are the previous profiles. Ashley Moore Gail & Brian Bantum Nate Grossman For my last profile, I’d like to take a look at something a little different.  Rather than highlight an individual person or couple, I’d like to


#ProtestProfiles — Day 3

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” -Dr. Martin Luther King quoting Theodore Parker Continuing on with my #ProtestProfiles.  I’m trying to highlight folks who are protesting with the whole of their lives with the prayerful hope that it will inspire you to live your life intentionally on the


#Protest Profiles — Day 2

The Everyday Protester I’m so glad you’re all resonating so much with this week’s focus on protesting with the whole of our lives.  Next up is the husband & wife duo of Reverend Gail Song Bantum & Dr. Brian Bantum.  Both happen to be colleagues of mine.  Pastor Gail is a fellow pastor at Quest Church and



When I was in Ferguson I attended a protest and things got a little rowdy at one point.  We were at the courthouse and there was some temporary fencing in place to keep a distinct line between the protesters and the police officers.  There were some young people there, early 20s maybe, who were near